From No where to now here! Just one step

VCare Cancer VCare Foundation provides Support and Hope for those touched by Cancer

From No where to now here! 'Just one small step'

Journey into the world of the unknown. Yes! I started alone. The cancer care journey was typically from the point of no where! Questions galore! what if I ....... was a constant nagging thought, Then the heart ticks to proceed and the mind goes quiet!

Just one small step towards my dream. The compassion and empathy are the basic building blocks that gave courage to move ahead, face challenges and squash the obstacles. It is the team that came along together,  taking countless steps.  A travel started had many speed breakers and dead ends. But always V(we) paused and found solutions , brain stormed that resulted and results in new goals and new ideas at VCare but never called it a day.

'Core values formed the foundation for our beliefs about life. Values and beliefs formed our attitudes and guided and will guide our behavior.'

Many challenges, right from bringing the team to work together, group dynamics, team building and function effectively was indeed a great challenge. The team in VCare is interdependent and we needed each other to build the organization and march forward to where we are now. Honesty and hard work , courage and fair play, willingness to learn and deliver, tolerance and empathy took us closer to those we set out to serve.

V at VCare gladly seize the responsibilities towards the patients, firm in the knowledge  that there is nothing more satisfying. V find happiness in seeing others happy, hence V for sure, will never give up and V will continue to give care and happiness to others and thereby bringing happiness and meaning to this short and uncertain life.

A lonely journey started 25 years back with has now become a walking team on the zones of hope, trust and confidence to reach out to the lonely ailing hearts, their kin, emotionally, physically and financially. Now this one step is a compounded happy feet of ....steps.

Vandana Gupta.


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